Welcome to visit the KuoHuLab project webpages!

KuoHuLab a joint project of Humak University of Applied Sciences and City of Kuopio. It is a Lab for learning, developments and innovations It is funded by European Social Fund (ESF). The project started in 2017, and it will close in the end of April 2020.

KuoHuLab shortly

  • Main project promoter: Humak University of Applied Sciences (Humak)
  • Project partner: City of Kuopio/ Service areas: Wellbeing promotion and Growth and Learning
  • Funding: mostly from European Social Fund (ESR), priority axis 5: social inclusion and combating poverty/ promoting the working capacity and functional ability of working-age people who are out of work
  • Budget: 430.252 €
  • Flat rate: 17 %
  • Project staff:
    • Humak: Project Manager Anniina Aunola, Developer & Lecturer Jari Klemola, Researcher & Lecturer Erja Anttonen, Expert Jouni Holopainen and Project Secretary Päivi Mantila
    • City of Kuopio: Developer Expert Sani Kuosmanen (not available until 31.12.2019), Community Artist Tiina Vertainen, Financial Management: Satu Kärsämä & Tarja Marin-Hakkarainen

What is KuoHuLab? 

  • communal and creative arena or platform for encounters where all actors come across to meet joint problem or challenges. The principles and starting point for collaboration is working together and the spirit of experimental culture as well as multiple perspectives (moninäkökulmaisuus)
  • the aim is to improve the services of City of Kuopio, to solve challenges and problems and to test and pilot new kinds of exmperimental and learning environments
  • premise for joint working: participation and social inclusion, communality, increasing social capital, and creating community of experts based on dialogical co-working

Open innovation platform 

  • a space for learning and change
  • established working platform where
    • employees of City of Kuopio
    • students and representatives of educational institutions
    • residents and especially the targer group residents
    • associations, organisations and companies
  • develop, brainstorm and produce activities for and with target groups
  • premises for co-working: the spirit of experimental culture,  casual observations and experiences, different sources of information and participatory and functional working methods

Innovation platform: Rural areas in Kuopio


  • to strengthen the identity of local residents as part of City of Kuopio
  • to offer the experiences of inclusion for all residents
  • to develop and to improve access to services offered by City of Kuopio in rural areas
  • to brainstrom and to pilot new ideas and concepts of implementing services in rural areas
  • to work into those residents from rural areas whose social inclusion is at risk and who are in danger of impoverishment and marginalisation (or exclusion)
  • rural ares chosen: Juankoski, Muuruves and Säyneinen,
  • contact person: Developer & Lecturer Jari Klemola

Innovation platform: Accessible communication and participation


  • to test new forms of improving communication between the residents and City of Kuopio services (or employees)
  • to participate actively in order to minimize the barriers of communication in services of Kuopio.  The barriers can be linguistic, and societal (like the beliefs or prejudices) or they can be related to interaction, access to information or reliability.
  • contact persons: Researcher & Lecturer Erja Anttonen, Project manager Annina Aunola

Innovation platform: Collaborative Jynkkä-Levänen

Jynkkä and Levänen are two neighbourhoods in the City of Kuopio.


  • to strengthen communality and possibilities to participate of the residents of Jynkkä-Levänen
  • to promote the collaboration and flow of information between various actors (Kuopio City employees, associations, companies, residents, religious communities and parishes and educational institutions)
  • to create a communal and creative arena for encounters in the Jynkkä shcool and library area. In the spirit of experimental culture, this arena offers a platform to jointly meet challenges and to start seeking for solutions.
  • to work into those Jynkkä-Levänen residents, whose social inclusion is at risk and who are in danger of impoverishment and marginalisation (or exclusion)
  • contact persons: Community Artist Tiina Viertonen and Project Manager Anniina Aunola

The Finnish Operational Programme “Sustainable growth and jobs”

The Finnish Operational Programme “Sustainable growth and jobs 2014-2020 – Finland’s structural funds programme” (OP) receives a combined amount of EUR 1,299,461,095 from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the European Social Fund (ESF) under the Investment Package for growth and jobs in Finland. The OP will contribute to Finland reaching the key EU and national development priorities along with the “Europe2020” objectives.

The Priority axis 5 will focus on mobilising the full employment potential and promoting the well-being, health, the working capacity and functional ability of working-age people who are out of work, reducing poverty and marginalisation and preventing social exclusion, and increasing local, community-based activity and participation.

Source and additional information: European Social Fund’s Operational Programmes